• What’s the purpose of this blog?

Sharing the love for this amazing show by posting and reblogging from fans around tumblr. Sometimes we also make our own gifs and graphics.

  • Who runs this blog?
liveinplastic (admin, founder), zoewitch (admin), needglam (mod).
  • Do you take requests?

Absolutely! You can request any gif/graphic you want, and we will try to make them as soon as possible. Also, if you have any doubt/question/comment, feel free to leave them in our askbox. Anon ask is off just because I was getting too many repetitive asks, so if you don’t mind please do send anything logged in, we won’t bite and will answer privately :)

  • How can I search things on this blog?

You may take a look at the tags. Posts are tagged according to characters only, and in some cases according to type. Posts with no tags mean that there is no specific character highlighted in the graphic/post. You can also browse the archive.

  • Do you know any other Breaking Bad related blogs?

breakingbadamcbbcaps, breakingbadgifabqcapsyo, heisenbergchroniclesfyeahbreakingbad, methcaps, fyeahskylerwhite, weneedtocook

  • And out of tumblr?

AMC’s Breaking Bad official website, blog, twitter, facebook. Personal twitter accounts of the cast: Bryan CranstonAaron Paul, Dean NorrisBetsy Brandt, Bob Odenkirk, Krysten Ritter.

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