Anonymous: "sorry to bother you but im slightly confused about the whole breaking bad/ amc situation, is breaking bad being shown on tv in america yet or just being streamed on the internet every sunday? and is it still on amc or on another channel? thanks :-)"

As far as I know, AMC is the only place where you can watch Breaking Bad right now! (besides downloading, obviously…). I’m not American so I’m not really aware of how their cable system or other tv services work. So uhm yeah, as long as you can watch AMC on your TV, you’ll be able to watch season 5 of Breaking Bad, it airs every Sunday at 10/9c. Not sure about streams though. I guess there’s always some stream for tv shows, but since I never use them I don’t know any, sorry!

If any of our followers have more helpful info, please reply to this anon. :)

*Edit* olmes kindly answered: “all four seasons of breaking bad are now on netflix but as for the new season, it’s not being streamed every sunday. that was for the first episode only but you can still watch it on tv and it’s still on AMC.”

There you go anon!