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Inside BrBa (5x08): “Gliding Over All”.

“When your hero is not a nice person, and he’s doing bad things, because he’s your protagonist, if you’re along for the ride, then you start to view things through his eyes. It’s the nature of storytelling. You’ll root for that person to succeed. And right now, Skyler gets in the way, on a purely mechanical level, of Walt’s success and happiness and therefore we see her as an obstacle and we don’t like for what she’s doing. The funny thing is, I see Skyler as the hero and Walt as the bad guy. I love Walt! He’s a great guy to write for, but he’s kind of a monster when you think about it. He shouldn’t be breaking into the house, trying to get back into her good graces when the things he’s done and the lies he told really make him not the good guy. She’s being heroic when she doesn’t tell the police on him.”

Vince Gilligan, answering a question about viewers not liking Skyler White (via natface)


Bryan Cranston visits Giancarlo Esposito on his last day of filming.

“You mess with me, bad things happen!”

“He suffers for his loyalty to his mentor. I think he suffers in that scene [the 12-step meeting scene] for his loyalty. As a loyal friend, he killed an innocent man to save his father figure, Walter White, and I think you can see in that scene he’s suffering greatly for it and is kind of ready to be judged and ready to be told he did the wrong thing, because somehow the lack of judgment is not sitting well with him, I suppose.”

Vince Gilligan talking about Jesse

(via girlwithtulle)

“We don’t set out to make the show shocking. I know you’re rolling your eyes when you’re (reading) this, but it’s true. We’re telling a very dark story and we’re involved in a very dark world, and to paint it as anything less than unpleasant would be disingenuous. We’re looking to be showmen and women, trying to give the audience something to talk about the next day around the water cooler. But the ultimate goal isn’t to be gruesome or bloody — it’s to be dramatic.”

Vince Gilligan, on season 5 thoughts (TODAY.com, 11/23/2011)